Feelings suck and I don’t remember signing up for them.


♫ ☼ Times Square can’t shine as bright as you ☼ ♪

“Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth, and your attitude.” — Mandy Hale (via themilkywhiteway)

As children, there is nothing to do but pretend. We make up stories about why things are the way they are. If our mothers are depressed, if our fathers are drunks, we are still dependent on them for love and for survival. When the love is not attuned, when it is abusive, when it is scarce or intermittent, we often blame ourselves. We can’t blame our parents because we need them too much; blaming them means rejecting them and rejecting them means dying.

So we decide we are too needy, too intense, too fat. We were born defective. These things aren’t true, but we believe they are. They get wired into our brains and hearts at the same time our nervous systems develop, and unless we question them head-on, we believe them for the rest of our lives.

” —